Assessment Policy

Reviewed by TB/DB October 2006
To be reviewed October 2009

Assessment is a means by which the progress of pupil's learning is monitored. It is used to inform planning, teaching and learning.

Why do we assess?

  • To find out what our children know and can apply.
  • To reveal the children's strengths and weaknesses.
  • To inform future planning and target setting: to ensure continuity and progress.
  • To communicate accurate information about the children that is useful to teachers, parents, pupils and relevant educational agencies.
  • To comply with statutory requirements.
  • To assist staff in evaluating their planning and teaching.
  • To help set targets for improvement.
  • To develop a culture of self improvement.

Strategies for assessment

  • Observation - watching the children on task / recording these observations with digital video cameras in the Foundation unit.
* Questioning and discussion with the children.
  • Examining the children's work.
  • Marking the children's work according to the marking policy.
  • Teacher devised tests e.g. spelling and tables.
  • Statutory formal assessments: Foundation Stage Profiles (FSP) in the foundation stage, SATs at Y2 and Y6
  • Non statutory tests: QCA tests for Years 3, 4 and 5
  • Selective use of commercial tests e.g. MiniSATS / TestBase
  • Half Termly assessment weeks.
  • Intervention packages throughout school e.g. WAVE 3, Parents Reading Partnership, Brain Gym


  • Takes place regularly. Subject coordinators analyse a selection of children's work.
  • Work is checked against NC levels and the ELGs for coverage and attainment.
  • Coordinators from the different Key Stages work together to ensure continuity and progression.
  • Analysis of year group tests.
  • Subject coordinators released during assessment week.


  • Assessment Manager.
  • Year group files.
  • SATs analysis records
  • In Foundation 1 each child has a "Look What I have Done in Nursery" booklet in which staff and parents can comment on achievement.
  • Other records, including Foundation Stage Profiles (FSP) and samples of work are kept in the assessment folders.

From Foundation 2 onwards, individual records are kept in the form of a folder and these contain:
  • Foundation Stage Profile
  • End of year teaching assessments
  • SATs results
  • Optional SATs results and papers
  • Pieces of assessed work
  • MiniSATs / TestBase records

Target Setting

We set targets for:
  • Whole year groups e.g. Y6 SATs
  • Groups
  • Individuals
  • End of year reports

We share these targets with the children, parents, governors, whole staff, LA (Local Authority) and SIA (School Improvement Advisor)

Reporting to Parents

  • In F1 information on working towards the ELGs (Early Learning Goals) is shared through the "Look What I have Done in Nursery" booklet and parents meet with staff prior to the child's transfer to F2.
  • From F2 parents are invited to a meeting in the Autumn term to discuss the progress of and targets for their child.
  • In the Summer term parents receive a report on their child and they are given the opportunity to discuss the content of the report at parent's evening.
  • The parents of Year 2 and 6 children are informed of the SATs results.